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Posted by Lorrie on January 3, 2015

Pastor Bill Albert is striving to bring new musical life to our church. He comes from a musically inclined family and sings bass with the choir…. the five or so singers who gather to practice either before and/or after a Sunday Service. Occasionally his wife, Olivia, sings a solo. The choir has been striving to sing every Sunday morning at the 10 a.m. service. The music is simple, as we have no choir director, but effective in enhancing the message of God’s love and our awe of His works.

Most Sundays, the congregation is invited to offer up the titles of three hymns that they gain inspiration from to be sung at the opening of services and then YOU serve as the choir!

Of course, we are always anxious to learn new music and currently are exploring songs in our hymn book, WORSHIP AND REJOICE. AND, if you have a song you are familiar with and would like to sing/hear it during worship time.... BRING IT!

We are currently searching for a new organist/pianist. Thank God for our faithful substitute musicians who continue to enrich our services by sharing their talents.

Come; join us in making a joyful noise. Please feel free to come and lift your voices Sunday mornings with us as we gather together to praise God and offer our thanks to the Lord for his grace and goodness in the form of song. Men, women, teens are welcome to join the choir. Nothing formal . . . no choir robes, no director, a simple black music folder....or not, sit with your family/friends and meet on the front stairs to let your heart sing. Just B Natural. :-) Call the office, 847.299.4215, and leave a message for Pastor Bill or Lorrie with your name and number to show your interest. We'd love to add your voice or other musical instrument talent to the glory of God.

Have a praise band...established or start-up...? We'd love to give you the opportunity to use your talents in our sanctuary on a Sunday morning. It will please God.

We're praying to hear from you! 847.299.4125 


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