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Posted by Lorrie on January 3, 2015

As this church works towards "transformation" from surviving to thriving, we thank God that Rev. Bill Albert accepted our invitation to serve renewable one year terms as our Stated Supply Pastor. We had faith that someone - to teach, lead, pray, and grow with us as we seek spiritual maturity- was out there ready to answer “Here I am”! He has just started his 5th year at First Presbyterian Des Plaines. He brings energy to worship hour and study groups, as well as striving to deepen our relationship with God. Reaching out into our community to help and welcome neighbors who are seeking answers to the big questions in this life are a priority.

These are exciting times....of new vision and action. We welcome you to Des Plaines First Presbyterian Church to walk with others on a journey to discover a deeper understanding of God’s word, develop a closer personal relationship with God, and find meaningful fellowship among the members and faithful friends.

~ Come! Be a part of a new start! ~


(The following “bio” was provided by Bill and enclosed in our bulletin Sept. 12.)

My name is Rev. William (Bill) Albert. I am a McCormick Seminary Graduate, having completed an M. Div. degree in June 1999. I finished two years of seminary at Northern Baptist before entering McCormick. My previous education includes an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in human relations.

My wife, Olivia, and I grew up on Long Island, NY. We moved to the Midwest during a thirty-one year business career with Amoco Corporation. I was privileged to have a stimulating and varied career with that company during which we relocated eight of our seventeen times. Since four of those moves have been into the Chicago area, we call this home and now reside in Aurora. While employed by Amoco Corp., I held positions both professional and managerial, primarily in the area of Human Resources.

Olivia and I have been married for 50 years, and have raised four wonderful, now married, children. Their spouses and our eleven grandchildren are each a great blessing to our family.

I was called as pastor to Concord Presbyterian Church in Sumter, South Carolina, upon graduation and, in 2006, to an interim pastorate at Evanshire Presbyterian Church in Skokie, IL. Olivia is an elder, deacon and member of Glen Ellyn First. I currently serve on Chicago Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry.

We look forward to joining with you in this newest adventure God has initiated for all of us to enjoy in His service here, at First Presbyterian Church of Des Plaines. 

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